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    M2e Pro lets you integrate easily your e-Commerce with the mayor marketplaces as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten. This extension has been specially developed for integrating eBay to Magento, as was sponsored by eBay development team. This way M2e Pro gives a unique possibility to control your shop, to synchronize your product stocks and to personalize each product listing in the marketplaces directly form your Magento admin panel. No need to keep logged in any of the marketplaces? It all happens through your Magento interface. Magento and M2e Pro allow you to control your stocks, modify multiple articles simultaneously in different markets, receive orders directly to your sales view, and this is just to name few of the functionalities it has.


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    At 84Digital we give you the possibility to develop a successful online business using our marketplaces consulting services or training. Our experienced team develops a lot of various eBay Powersellers, Amazon and Rakuten businesses. We take care of the design of your eBay store, the SEO optimization, best match and the data base optimization. Our in-depth expertise will give you business the possibility to be visible in the most important and powerful online marketplaces in the world: Ebay, Amazon and Rakuten.

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    We can help you decide which advanced tools are the right ones for your business and goals, as well as training you on how to use them. If you want to start your business selling in eBay or Amazon you certainly need an expert to consult you about those powerful marketplaces, so you can make the most of them. Whether you are a small company or a sole-trader, whether you are just starting to sell on eBay, or you are a big seller and you need optimising your eBay or Amazon store, 84Digital as an experienced online marketplace consultant will help you achieve your business goals.


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    The unlimited possibilities online marketplaces give to sellers is making them one of the most successful creations of internet. Not only they provide sellers with additional sales channel. The online marketplaces help businesses reach wider markets, but also to sell to customers on a global scale. Each marketplaces has it`s own features to choose from. They would fit some businesses better than others. This is why is that important to have enough information about them before actually signing up.

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    Being the most powerful solution to manage several marketplaces, starting to use M2e Pro can be tricky, specially when there is no possibility for trial and error. We provide all the necessary knowledge to manage all the process of Marketplace control. We will cover everything related to stock control, listing process, different types of products and listings, order processing and general overview. Also any issue related to the extension or to the marketplace, nothing will stop you selling!

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    We offer you help start selling on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. We can create your storefront, create and maintain your listings and make you recommendations to become a Top Seller!