Terms and Conditions


When sending a request for any of our web solutions, e-Commerce and digital marketing via web form, or purchasing any of our products or services, the client knows, accepts, and agrees with the following Terms and Conditions, which will also be applicable in the case of any subsequent effective contracting of web solutions, e-Commerce or digital marketing:

  1. Scope of the service: All detailed information in the product / service or budget contracting form that the client will later sign, forms part of, expands and perfects this statement of terms and conditions. By accepting them, it will be accepted to have also read all the information provided on the product’s website.

  2. Service terms: The product / service will be delivered according to the term specified in the estimate issued in a timely manner, in accordance with the client and from the effective acceptance of the estimate. We consider “effective contracting of the service” when we have all the material, accesses and data required (provided by the client) so that it is possible to carry out the contracted service (which may be web page development or SEO positioning, etc.).

  3. Expiration of budgets, forms of payment and billing: The budgets sent to the client are valid for 30 days, after that period, they are not valid and we do not commit to respect the proposals and prices that are expired. We issue invoicing corresponding to the service provided (ex. SEO positioning, digital marketing, SEM services, Link Building, development or maintenance of web pages, etc.). The maximum period to pay the payment of invoices issued to the client is 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the service or the invoice.

  4. Payment methods: A 50% advance will be requested in all cases at the time of contracting web page development or web redesign services. The balance will be paid at the end of the project, prior to migration to the final domain and server.

  5. Review limit (for web page creation services): The review limit is 10 hours after the initial demo submission.

  6. Mention in the portfolio: Our clients / works are published in our “Portfolio” of Clients. Any client who does not want to be incorporated into our website, must communicate it BEFORE contracting the web design or digital marketing service.

  7. Development credits: The sites we work on will carry a small link to our website.

  8. Web pages / e-Commerce guarantee: We guarantee the correct functioning of the web pages that we develop for a period of 1 year, only if they are hosted on our own servers. If the customer finds any failure or malfunction of the product delivered by the term of the warranty, she must notify it and we will repair it. This guarantee is valid as long as the client does not cause malfunctions by actions carried out via FTP, Cpanel or administration panel and the client does not alter, expand or modify the base system of the website (install components, modules, web templates, plugins, code modifications, scripts). All web pages that we develop and that will be published on third-party servers do not have any guarantee.

  9. Back up: It is the customer’s responsibility to have updated back-ups of the website they have, with the exception of contracting our “Maintenance Pack” that includes this service.

  10. Post-sale support: Within the terms of the website development guarantee, all free post-sale support will be strictly limited to repairing errors or product failures attributable to our responsibility. Once the website has been delivered to the client (the development service is finished), any subsequent request will represent the contracting of another service, not included in this one. All subsequent support and assistance that the client uses to update, maintain, manage, expand or modify the development of web pages or their associated services, will be charged separately WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

  11. Legal responsibility: The client is responsible for his website and also the only RESPONSIBLE for the content and publications posted within it, as well as being responsible for compliance with copyright for the texts, images and content published on it.

  12. Website ownership: Customer ownership is understood to be the contents of the database loaded by any of the means stipulated to add or edit information on the website, the contents sent by the users of the site or the administrators of the same, and be it texts or images, the data collected on the web via forms or newsletters or any other information exchange technology.

  13. Privacy: All communication between the client and the company is confidential (rates, services, documents, recommendations and reports are confidential). All information received from the client, whether images, texts, access data such as users and passwords or others, will be treated confidentially.

  14. The services provided by our company are without right of withdrawal according to article 103 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users.

  15. Liability: Klorophila EOOD will not be liable to its customers, or third parties, for loss of profits or any other special, consequential, incidental or indirect damage, or based on the services or products provided, or any other theory of liability, regardless of whether Klorophila EOOD has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

  16. Company Identity: Klorophila EOOD

Address: Todor Boiadjiev 3, Varna 9010 Bulgaria

CIF: BG204558944

Email: info @84digital.com

We reserve the right to expand or modify these terms and conditions, at any time and without prior notice. Likewise, we reserve the right to modify the scope, prices, and characteristics included in the development of web pages or services offered, at any time and without prior notice. Each contract will be governed by the conditions accepted at the time of requesting the service.